We are specialized in construction of stairs, gates and railings, doors and windows in iron, metal carpentry and mechanics.


By partnering with engineering and architecture, we also offer technical support for the construction of buildings such as warehouses, lofts and coverings in general with corrugated sheets or panels coibendati with installation and testing facilities or ornamental.


Then taking care of routine maintenance for food companies, we also specialized in the construction of tanks, hoppers, pipes jacketed stainless steel, maintenance and repair industrial.

Each idea uses a spcific methods for its construction. Here the welding methods we use to realize your ideas:


Tig welding for copper, aluminum and stainless steel, which provides excellent sealing and welding aesthetically impeccable.


Arc welding of cast iron, bronze, iron and stainless steel, pipes, small machine parts or construction site.


Mig/Mag welding of any material, thanks to welding machines of the latest generation, where they are needed time savings, quality and high productivity.

Our workshop covers 300 m² with 3200 m²

courtyard of which 1000 driveways . The equipment that we use are :


Tig welder AC / DC Selco 320 A, water cooled


2 welding Mig / Mag Esseti 350 A, water cooled


Welding Mig / Mag Siev 150 A


Welding Mig / Mag Tig Fronius TPS 5000 500 A pulsed arc , water-cooled


Welding electrode Cea 200 A


120 A portable welding machine Esseti


Portable welding machine Lincoln 150 A

Presses 100 tons OMCN


Forklift 20 q.li


50 Demag Cranes bridge q.li


Band saw Mep 260


Milling machines Comac 304 HV with trees

60 mm capacity up to 100 HEA


Drill column cutter with drilling capability

up to 40 mm


Utensil for satin finishing of stainless steel, copper , bronze and brass